Some veryyy useful links you should check out 😉

Websites I use at school:

Websites I use for personal use:

Sites that relate to technology in education:

  • Remind: an app that allows easy access to communication between parents, students, and teachers. You can ask questions and send pictures through a quick text! I use this site to ask my teachers questions when I am not at school. It provides an easier access unlike an email because this app sends text msgs right to your teachers phones.
  • Quizlet: a great way to study for a test or exam with an array of learning strategies ranging from flashcards to games all based on your personal study notes. I use this to study for tests and to keep my notes organized so I can go back for exams and have everything sorted out.
  • Kahoot: an interactive learning games and quizzes site where you can verse your friends/classmates to test your knowledge on a subject or, can use for your own personal study use. I enjoy using this app in class before a big test so that we get a chance to test ourselves to see where we are at with the course material. It is also very fun to verse your classmates and get on the top 5 score board haha!
  • Google Classroom: basically a classroom online set up by teachers for their students. You can pick up assignments and turn them in from this one site! It is extremely useful because all the necessary documents needed are set up on one site! Students can also see things that haven’t been completed and due dates without forgetting on this very own site. I use google classroom in many of my classes to do my assignments and turn in work.
  • Khan Academy: a site set up for students with access to tools to helping with education such as practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that help students learn in an effective way at their own pace. Students and even teachers use this app to make learning a little different than the regular chalk on board calculations. I used this in my previous math class to do assignments and I would get completion marks for it

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