BLOG #6: Digitize Healthcare

If I were dictator for the day, I would enforce a law to require all hospitals within Canada  to be digitized. This would be my ad:


The impact this law would have is both positive and negative. Let’s start with the negative, jobs will be lost. If we digitize hospitals and health offices, that means nurses and even doctors that are not specialists, will loose their jobs. The positive part of digitizing technology within a hospital would be that wait timings will be quicker and more efficient. These machines will automatically detect the health complications you are having and there won’t be any need for staying at the hospital or doctors office for too long just for a simple check up.

Since this is digitized, new data and research can be imputed into these technologies, unlike a human doctor. Say if there is a new disease, technology will allow engineers to create a new software to just input into the system. A human doctor just uses their previous knowledge and they don’t go back to school after they’ve done 8+ years of medical school. This would be more efficient since diagnoses will be knowledge that is up to date.

Even though jobs in the medical field will decrease, jobs for scientific research and even engineering jobs will still be there for people who enjoy science and want to pursue their  passion into their field of work. Scientific research will be something that will be needed more for new diseases and information to put into these digitalized machines in hospitals and doctor offices. Engineering jobs will also be needed so that these machines will have softwares that allow them to be updated with new information frequently.

I personally believe this would be the best use of my powers because I first handed have seen doctors that are really old and they don’t know the new research or diseases. They get paid a lot for their jobs and they definitely do deserve this but by reducing hospital jobs, this will help the economy save millions of dollars by just inputting digital machines that do a more efficient job that a human would. This is what I would do if I were dictator for the day!