BLOG #5: Social Media Impacts

I believe social media has given more negative impacts on the world than positive. Being a teenager, I have had all the “favored” social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. About 6 months ago, you could have catched me on Instagram or even Facebook surprisingly every 15 minutes or so just scrolling. August of 2017 is where I was hit with reality and realized how useless these apps were. By realizing I mean I looked at these social medias from a larger spectrum. I was only on these apps to see what other people were doing or to make myself feel almost belonged in an online society. Posting pictures for me was more of me showing my “followers” or “friends” how cool I was and I feel like this is what most instagram users do. Everything on social media is for validation and I soon realized I really did not need someone approving what I was doing with a like and I didn’t need to either. Now it’s December, and I only have snapchat on my phone and I have a facebook account just to keep up with school and it feels a lot better not having this pressure of having these dumb apps.

As how I dealt with negative impacts of social media, many people have different experiences. One big issue social media has allowed to our world in cyber bullying. Instead of being face to face while in an altercation, people behind screens are victimizing others and using hurtful comments and threats. Millions of people are affected by cyberbullying and the worst part is, you may not even know who this person is because online, you can be anonymous allowing you to hide your true identity.

Although social media is a way for us users to express ourselves on a large online platform, expressing yourself on social media can also be dangerous because people may not believe in your beliefs. In Mythili and Maria’s presentation on LGBTQ issues on social media is a great example of how social media can enhance bullying. One thing that stood out to me is in YouTube videos, content creators that are LGBTQ can get demonetized just by talking about this topic. Some content creators rely on their videos for income and by demonitization, they aren’t able to collect any money. Think about it, social media is no longer a safe place.

Social media is also portrayed as an online outlet for communication. While texting or commenting on someone’s instagram photo, you may think the person actually talks like this in real person. For example, in Rebecca’s presentation she covered that while texting someone, you have time in between to think about your response, and respond. In a way, that’s good but is only applied through a screen of some sort and not in real life. Teens rely heavily on texting and online communication where it is now getting harder for them to talk face to face with someone. Because of social media outlets and everyone using these apps daily, interacting 1 on 1 with other people will become something our generation will lack in.

Social media allows you to connect with many people around the world at the touch of your fingers. With such easy accessibility to anyone there are many situations where social media can actually be negative. There are many more reasons why I personally believe social media has a negative impact and I have changed myself with the decisions of deleting most apps I have. Soon, I believe the craze of social media will die down and something new will come with more positivity but until then we will just have to wait.

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