BLOG #4: My Placement Experience

My group and I were assigned to help teachers approach their grade 9 students with an efficient way to organize their daily life. Initially, going into this project, I thought I knew a variety of different apps that offered the same “calendar'” and “reminder” feature that could help a student’s everyday life by staying organized, although I was quite wrong There were not as many apps as I thought there were and many were just not good enough for us to present to the grade 9’s. It was quite difficult coming up with an app and as ridiculous as it sounds, it took our group about a week and a half looking for an app that gave us multiple features that we could use for our presentation and would have an array of organizational aspects for any type of student. We chose google keep since the possibilities of note taking and organizing is endless on that app. Everything you need to be organized for is right under your fingertips, LITERALLY.

On a day to day basis, my group members and I felt as if we didn’t have much to do since our task is to create a presentation based on organization and we decided to do a live presentation so you can’t make a script or have a PowerPoint set and ready to go. In a way, it felt very irritating not having someone tell you exactly what to do since all of us kind of have to make up tasks to accomplish.

For the most part, working with my group was fairly a good experience as we are all comfortable talking with each other and work well with one another. The only problem with our group was the number of people in it. Personally, I felt that since there were 6 of us, the amount of work for each of us to do was very limited. Other than that, my group is pretty awesome.

Another great thing about this placement is that I’ve gained a lot from researching organizational apps. After exploring Google Keep for the past week or so, I’ve gotten hooked to it. It is so cool how you can colour coat and highlight on your phone and have all your notes in one file. That too EVERYTHING, is linked to your google account so I can print out my notes! It seems as if I am more interested in this placement than the grade nines will ever be, just kidding, hopefully not though LOL.

As of right now, since our group has not officially presented to grade 9 classes, I would like to believe this placement would be a success. We are taking a one on one approach with this placement which is why we are doing a live presentation. This will make the students engaged and we are planning on having them try out the app while we visit their class so they could get a feel of it. Plus, this app is versatile to many different learners since it has so many features (picture note taking, verbal note taking, drawing, and even just typing out your notes). With all those features, there are additional organizational features like reminders and even folders that you can colour coat based on your subject. So hopefully, after this live presentation, these grade 9 students will use the app because as of right now, I LOVE google keep.

As I mentioned before about the app being very versatile, anyone, even if you’re not a student, cause use this app. This placement in my opinion is useful because it doesn’t apply to only grade 9’s because I really think any class can get a presentation like this. The idea of being organized is key for the future and it all starts in high school. It’s better to start earlier then later and in all honesty, life is just easier when organized. So, this 20-minute presentation, is very useful for any class at Mackenzie since everyone can use a little organizing help. 🙂

For future IDC classes, this placement can be tweaked by maybe using an app that has all the features google keep has but more like an actual calendar or something else that gives it a little pizazz. Because google keep mainly focuses on just note taking, it was quite difficult to find another app that wouldn’t be overlapping the idea of the google keep app making it less interesting. So, if someone finds a better app that has a lot more features than google keep, they should definitely switch up the app for this placement.