BLOG #3: Learning Strategies Reaction


      I have attempted multiple times to implement my strategies/techniques for procrastination and for the most part, I have been making good progress. My strategy was to not go into my room and lay down right when I get home, since that makes me cozy and comfortable which in the end, I don’t want to get up. Another strategy I had was to set alarms with a startling sound to really try to keep me on track. Lastly, I was supposed to keep my phone away from me when I was doing my task/work so I wouldn’t get distracted. All in all, I have attempted hard to keep up with these strategies. I have been coming home and trying to keep myself busy rather than going up into my room and laying on my bed by playing with my dog or even by just sitting outside on my porch. This has helped with keeping me awake and active so I have enough energy to do my tasks. I have also been using the alarm system everyday to remind myself to do these tasks so I don’t stay behind and it has been really helping. I usually stop whatever I am doing and start on the homework/assignments I need to get done because that iPhone alarm agitates me!! See, by striving to implement these strategies, I would like to think I am on track with ending my procrastination issue but in reality there is still one thing holding me back which is my phone. You may be thinking, well have you tried putting your phone away? Well, I can’t. You see, when I study, clean, do homework, walk my dog, exercise and any other thing I may need to get done, I NEED to listen to music because it motivates me. So, my phone has to be there. I have tried to minimize the procrastination on my phone by permanently deleting my Instagram account and by deleting the Facebook app so it’s not on my phone anymore, yet I still manage to somehow end up  on my phone for hours on hours wasting time. The real issue here is my phone. I need music but the music is on my phone and that means it has to be near me while studying. So far, getting to my desk and opening up my books before 9 has been a success but actually getting stuff done is where I am lacking motivation because my YouTube subscription box seems more entertaining than the equilibrium questions I have to do  sounds.

      I would say the strategy reduced my procrastination since I am trying to get things done earlier and have enough sleep for the next day, but it hasn’t improved my learning since at this point, I’m still procrastinating while my books are open.  After writing the last blog prompt and coming up with strategies, it has helped me get on a schedule. For one, I am writing stuff down in my agenda and like I mentioned before I set an alarm for when I should start my homework everyday when I come home for school, so I have enough time to sleep. I feel like my learning hasn’t improved because I am still getting the same grades in school so that probably means I am still putting in the same effort.

      Honestly speaking, even though I have not seen an improvement in my learning, I will probably use the same strategies I have been testing out in the last couple of weeks since I have this really good routine going and I enjoy doing it too. There’s something about being organized that makes me motivated to continue on with what I need to get done. So yes, I will continue on with the strategies set up!