BLOG #2: Procrastination


I have a procrastination problem. Prioritizing my time is very hard for me especially with things that bore me like cleaning or school work. When I come home from a long boring day filled with tests and lectures, the only thing I wanna do is lay down and watch my YouTube videos. Obviously being at a semestered school, you really have to keep up with everything which means I have homework almost every night. So, when I come home, I always tell myself ‘I have to start at six o’clock’. Six o’clock comes, and I tell myself ‘just half an hour more’, and this continues on for many half hours that pass by. At around nine, I realize that there is no point in starting now because its just homework I can do it tomorrow. By saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” , I really mean I will never do it. Procrastination is a problem for me because I fall behind in anything I procrastinate with, not just school work. The problem is, I have this itch at the back of my head telling me I should do whatever needs to get done, but things like YouTube and snap chat sounds so much better than what I really have to do. By fixing this problem, that itch and guilt of doing something will go away and I won’t fall behind in situations where I need to keep up in

I will try to improve my procrastination by setting some ground rules for my self. If I come home and don’t lay down on my bed, I won’t be as lazy and I’ll feel more active. Of course I can still relax and catch up with my YouTube videos but I’ll also set an alarm for 6 o’clock. The alarm noise on the iPhone really startles me in the morning and I’m always up right when I hear it so it should work for situations in which I really want to procrastinate but can’t. These things will motivate me to start my homework earlier than I usually do. I know that I will start at an earlier time with these strategies but I need to do something about my phone. If I have it in front of me, I will definitely wanna check it occasionally and I’ll get so distracted that at one point I’ll start doing buzzfeed quizzes (which has happened multiple times). I should start putting my phone in a different room and shut it off completely in order to concentrate on what I’m doing. I can apply these techniques to anything I procrastinate in. By setting an alarm and turning off my phone, I will concentrate heavily on what’s important.

My end goal is to procrastinate no more! Just kidding. I know that I will always procrastinate but my end goal is to try to not fall behind in schoolwork. I always let myself fall behind on purpose and by trying to not procrastinate and using the strategies I’ve said in the previous statement, I should see a difference in the way I prioritize my work over my leisure time.

My critical moves to my journey of ending procrastination is motivation and a growth mindset. If I am motivated, I tend to want to do whatever I am supposed to do. I get motivated by looking at the end result. By picturing my goals I can really get motivated since I can see an image of what I really want to have/be. Motivational quotes or even videos really get me hooked because I see myself and what I wished I could be. If I stop wishing and actually doing what I need to do to achieve my goals, I could be one step closer to the end result. A growth mindset will also help me with my procrastination problems. Sometimes I get unmotivated when I don’t understand something. This is completely wrong for me to do because I need to understand that I can’t understand everything and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m going to fail multiple times and that is ok. The important thing is that I get back up and face my challenges. Having a positive mindset will encourage me to try my best and at times, where I feel like procrastinating, I can apply this critical move.

By always having a set time on when I have to do my homework and actually doing it then will help me shrink the change. It is exactly like me waking up at 7:30 in the morning for school everyday but in this situation I have a set time for things that need to get done.

If I need to get work done, I will go in an environment with out distractions that will help me stay motivated. Places like Starbucks or the school library where everyone else is working helps me concentrate and I will stay motivated to do my work.